In Loving Memory of Murphy

Murphy Doodle would have been 3 in November.  He was a Black Lab Mix rescued from Pitiful Paws Rescue.  He loved to play with tennis balls, but any ball would do.  He loved rawhide bones and had an ornery habit of stealing them from his brother Buster!  His favorite thing to do was go camping with his family.  His favorite memories were visiting his dad at work at the Fire Station and getting in the firetruck, wrestling with his brother Buster, and cuddling with his family since he thought he was a giant lap dog.   Murphy was the sweetest, most docile animal in the world with such a gentle, loving spirit.  He brought us so much joy in his short life and we will miss him every day.  He is in doggie heaven with his cousin Sam, wonder what they’re doing…

Rest in Peace Murphy


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