In Loving Memory of Max

Pet Name:  Max

Age:  13 years 11 months

Breed/Type:  Lab Mix

Favorite Toy:  When Max was a puppy, he liked to play fetch with a ball. As he got older he would chew on a Nylabone when bored.

Favorite Treat:  Any treats were his favorite

Favorite Thing to Do: He liked to play and be chased in the yard even after he turned 13. He loved to have his ears scratched.

Favorite Memory: There were two (2) memories.

On Saturday and Sunday mornings he would get a special treat of wet dog food. Max had a sense when it was the weekend and around 6:30/7:00 AM he would wake us up and bark to get his “yum yum”. You could ask him if wanted ‘yum yum’ and he would bark twice (yum-yum).

As he got older, around 10:00 PM at night he would stand in front of us and bark at us so we knew it was time to go to bed. He understood the word ‘bedtime’ and would go to the bedroom when he heard it.

Rest In Peace Max

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