In Loving Memory of Jake

Baby Jake was a 13 year old Beagle, when he crossed the rainbow bridge on his Birthday.

His favorite toy was Fluffy.

His favorite treat was duck jerky.

His favorite thing to do ~ laying in the grass facing the street. Inside he liked hiding in his “cave” which was under the table that was covered with blankets.

Favorite Memories His special bark. He wanted his shoulder massaged and his fur brushed. He liked his morning yum yums which was 2 tsp. of sugar in a bowl and a bowl of milk. He liked black forest ham, and dinner meat that, Mike would eat, Arby’s roast beef. He always went to bed when Mike, but when he wanted out at night he would come to Judy. He also liked homemade fudge that Judy made but no other kind, and Beryer’s vanilla ice cream. He liked to have his face and throat washed.

Rest in Peace Baby Jake


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