In Loving Memory of Cooper

Cooper was a 9 year 6 month old Golden Retriever/Chow/St. Bernard Mix.

Favorite Toy- Red squeaky light bulb, sticks, tug o war toys, and antler bones

Favorite Treat- Ice Cubes, Peanut Butter, Flavored Bones
Favorite thing to do- lay on his ottoman and chew his antler bone, car rides, walks with his sister and dog friends, naps with mommy.

Favorite Memory-   Cooper was a very special dog that thought he was human child versus a dog. Cooper loved to be around his family and they loved their time with him. Cooper loved playing with his sister, especially tug of war or running circles in the yard with her. One of my favorite memories was him playing with a snow ball and chasing it around in the snow batting it with his paws. I loved watching his sense of freedom when he let the breeze hit his face on car rides.  Even though he was a protector he was also a cuddler. He also thought digging holes was helpful to plant flowers. Cooper had a special bond with his mommy and is missed terribly. Forever would not have been long enough.

Rest in Peace Cooper


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