In Loving Memory of Lucky J. Holbrook

Lucky was  a 16 3/4  year old Maine Coon.

His favorite toy was Tasmanian Devil Pillow.

His favorite treats were Whiskas Temptations.

His favorite thing to do was tear tinsel off the Christmas Tree and lay on our laps.

Favorite Memory him  setting on our lap, sleeping with us, nursing his Taz pillow.Lucky came to us when he was one week old, he weighed 8oz, his mother had eaten antifreeze, she and 2 other kittens were dead. A friend of our teenagers at the time brought him to us because his dad would not let him keep the kitten. We bottle fed him for 8 weeks. Then he learned to eat. He used the litter box at 1 week old.  He was like our Baby. He grew up to weigh 18 pounds.

Rest in Peace Lucky

Lucky Holbrook


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