In Loving Memory of Mozzarella

Mozzarella “Pusser” Ackerman“Le pussier, le French kitty, kitty, kitty”Born Sunday August 24th 1997

Died Saturday January 21st 2017, 5:37am

She is and was the eldest member of our Kitty Cats for Jesus Club. She was our oldest and wisest woobie. Mozzarella gave us consistent love, loyalty, dedication, understanding, friendship, and did I say love? She loved us like a small child loves their parent. Every day, for nineteen years, four months, and twenty eight days, she was consistent in her genuineness, her trust of us, and her determination.

And in turn, we feel that our small “perpetual child” has fought a hard battle and is resting peacefully in the lap of the Father God Almighty.

She was our official escort, she knew the sound of our car and would greet us every time we pulled in and walk us from the car to the front door, talking and meowing all the way. During trick-or-treat, she would wear her costume and walk the kids up and down the sidewalk making sure all were welcomed properly. When she was younger, she loved lounging on the top of a gas heater that was in our living room. At times she would singe her tail fur just a smidge due to falling asleep on it and sliding slowly over to the edge. After we moved to our new house, she became a sun goddess. With her fenced in yard, basking in the warm sunshine, climbing the tree in the front yard, and adventures under the deck were just part of her daily routine. To be petted and scratched with your hands, a corn broom, or the bottom of your shoe or boot was reason for her to dance around like she was a little ballerina.

She talked a lot and always had something to say. She would come to our cries, either real or fake, hop up on your lap and put her paws on you, talk to you, snuzzle you, and give you comfort for as long as the cries lasted. She has played so many games with her best friend Kris. They would play doctor patient, so Mozzarella has literally had every part of her body at one time or another in a toilet paper bandage. She has been given treats as her “medicine” and once she even had her temperature taken (one of our family’s fondest memories). She has played dress up, worn so many different outfits, she’s even worn the My Girl doll dresses to match the dress worn by her best friend Kris.

Mozzarella was a birthday present we picked out for Kris for her sixth birthday. She loved to eat mozzarella cheese, soft Whisker Lickins, and enjoyed catnip pillows. One evening, there came an awful thunderstorm. We somehow became convinced that she was out in this terrible rain. All three of us went searching for her up and down hills, down the creek bank, under bushes, and trees. We saw a pair of eyes we thought were hers and tracked them for more than three hours. In the end he got away.

Sad and defeated, we went home to get out of our soaking wet clothes. And don’t you know she was in our bedroom closet, on top of a stack of blankets, sleeping like an angel. She had been there the whole time. We still laugh about that and wonder from time to time who and what we were chasing, and if she was laughing at us for looking for her in the pouring down rain.

Pusser was met by her bestest and most loyal bubby, Anzu, to escort her through heaven. She is now running and playing with him and they are both climbing the curtains. Right beside them, is Pickle, with Nugget riding him bareback.

“You are worthy O Lord, to receive glory and honor and power; for You created all things. And by Your will, they exist and were created.” Revelation 4:11

“One day we will see our animals again in the eternity of Christ. Paradise is open to all of God’s creatures.” Pope Francis

Pusser may not be able to praise God like we humans can. However, she does praise God by shining. By carrying out the role God planned for her, she glorifies her Creator. Animals were made from the same dust as humans, and have the breath of life in them the same as we do. Just as animals were a part of God’s untainted original creation, so will they be a part of the world and life when He restores everything new without the corruption of sin and death.

We are now faced with learning how to live with only memories of your beautiful spirit. Mozzarella leaves behind her best friend forever, Kris, her mommy, Anita, her daddy whom she’s always had such a crush on, Michael, and her four brothers, Aaden, Maru, Leopold, and Linus.

Thank you Pusser for all of the lessons you have taught us over the years, for spending time with Anzu when he was dying, and loyally sitting there as we dug his grave. Thank you for giving the best of yourself for 7,092 days, 178,208 hours. How many steps is that, anyway? Or how many meows were spoken? Our hearts are broken and we will see you again one day, our sweet, sweet, sweetest, baby girl woobie.

Rest In Peace Mozzarella

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