In Loving Memory of Zena

Zena (Zz) was a 19 Jack Russell.
Her favorite toy was a ball.
Her favorite treat was greenness or jumbo nest.
Her favorite thing to do was patrol her backyard.
Favorite memory…… many things, I think my favorite memory is that of her running through the yard with her brother Boo. She was the oldest and actually raised him from a puppy even though he was not hers. When he was little she would drag him across the living room floor by literally his neck. As he got older she would try to grab the collar but always ended up getting a piece of skin with it. She thought he was her own personal play toy. They would run through the yard and he would do leaps over her while she insisted on being  boss. Even though she was the oldest he outweighed her by about 30 pounds. I have videos of the two of them playing together and one day soon plan on watching them smiling as the two of them are romping on screen or their mommy. Boo misses his “big” sissy terribly.
Rest in Peace Zena
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