In Loving Memory of Sugar

Sugar may have been about 6 years old when she came to us, in January of 2013, but she quickly became part of our family. It’s hard to imagine how she may have suffered before that time. She was skinny, had a tear in her ear and had obviously been bred, a lot.  She loved to run off, chasing a scent, as she was a Treeing Walker Coon Hound. We worried sick about her every time she managed to get away, but she always returned.  Sugar was an extreme dog. She was either extremely running or extremely sleeping. She went from never barking to always barking. She went from 15 pounds under to 15 pounds over weight. She was horribly afraid of any sound that resembled thunder or gun shots. If outside enjoying a walk and heard those sounds, her tail immediately went between her legs and would go nowhere but back to the house.  In late May 2016, she began laying more and eating less. Tests and exams indicated a very enlarged spleen, so anemic, she’d need a blood transfusion to survive surgery. The splenectomy did confirm cancer but it also afforded 2 months of living and loving together. She recovered quickly from the surgery, enjoyed many hiking trails, dipping her paws in a cold stream, and being annoyed by her little brother, Jax. It felt like she just as quickly fell weak again and joined her sisters, Cookie and Sophie to romp across The Rainbow Bridge.  Forever in our hearts, Sugar!!

Rest in  Peace Sugar


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